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Research in B21st - Biomass for the 21st Century

Background and idea

The platform takes advantage of the latest progress in Danish biomass research and technology as well as a leading market position within marine engine and shipping technologies. The recent successful Danish demonstration of large-scale 2nd generation bioethanol technology provides new feedstocks that in the short-to-medium term can be developed for shipping biofuels and chemical building blocks.

Methods and experimental work

The approach and concept of B21st focuses on the integrated and cross-disciplinary development of biomass- production, technology and applications to secure economic and environmental sustainability.

Work packages

The platform is organized in three interconnected themes: Biology, conversion and application. The experimental work in B21st is organized in 8 interconnected work packages.

Expected results and outcome

The platform aims to develop technology and infrastructure for the future expansion of biomass into a biorefinery sector for fuels and chemicals. The success criteria are:

  • To build an advanced science and technology biofuel platform that bridges the sectors of biomass resources, energy production and end users.
  • To expand the biomass feedstocks and conversion technologies to new markets for heavy and medium grade shipping fuels and chemical building blocks.
  • To enable Danish biomass and bioenergy technology to expand and develop a biorefinery industrial sector for a global renewable technology market.