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Next Step biorefining 

Seminar, March 21 2017

What is the current status of biorefinery technology development, and where are the potential new markets? To learn more attend this one-day seminar on some of the latest developments within biofuels and biochemical technologies and

In a large project funded by the Innovation Foundation Denmark named Biomass for the 21st century, partners from industry and academia has worked together to develop new technologies for biofuels and biochemicals to be applied in a lignocellulosic biorefinery. In the project we worked in all parts of the supply and process chain from straw in the field to marine diesel engines. A special focus was upon making new fuels for the marine sector; how could such technologies be integrated with current biorefinery technologies and was it possible to meet the technical specifications for large 2-stroke marine diesel engine. Likewise we investigated the overall business case, biomass supply opportunities and how agricultural crops may adapt to produce both food and fuel.

In parallel with the new biofuels also biochemical are emerging, and we are beginning to see how the next generations of biorefineries can integrate the production of bioethanol using enzymes with thermochemical processes enabling not only a higher value gain but also a higher efficiency in the biomass utilization.

The seminar will give you an update on the major findings and discoveries, as well as the opportunity to discuss and interact with the project partners.

Participation is free, and coffee, tea and lunch (sandwich) will be provided. Sign up by writing to Marie Frost Arndal mfa@ign.ku.dk by the latest on March 7. See program below.

Venue: Fest auditoriet, Bülowsvej 17, 1870 Frederiksberg

Tuesday 21/3


08:30 -

Registration and coffee


Welcome – Claus Felby


Bioeconomy and the biobased society –hot air or real   value?

Professor Mette Termansen, AU


Biofuels for the shipping sector –a   green transition? Global Sustainability Advisor Mads Stensen,   Maersk


Coffee break (poster display)



Biomass and biorefineries in the 21st   century –idea, technical approach and commercialization

Professor Claus Felby, University of Copenhagen


The biomass supply - what can current   crops deliver; can we make new crops for food and fuel.

Professors Jan Schjørring and Poul Erik Jensen, University of   Copenhagen


Lunch (poster display)


Grasses are full of sand –silicates in wheat.

PhD student Sylwia Emilia Glazowska, University of Copenhagen


Practical desilication during wheat   straw biorefinery processing.

Specialist Duy Michael Le, Dong Energy


Wood to sugars and lignin

Department manager, Anne Stenbæk, Novozymes


From sugars to chemicals -R&D   Director, Sustainable Chemicals

Esben Taarning, Haldor Topsoe


Coffee break (poster display)


Thermal liquefaction of lignin to fuels

Professor Anker Degn Jensen


Lignin, oil & water –a new (old) fuel

Specialist Duy Michael Le, Dong Energy


Discussion and perspectives –biorefinery   technologies; state of the art and challenges

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